New staircase transforms ECCI's new building

12 February 2013

ECCI's new home at High School Yards celebrated a major milestone this week with the installation of the specially designed timber staircase. 

The Old High School consists of a classical ‘front building’ and a newer ‘rear building’ which will be linked by the innovative adjoining staircase, providing a seamless link between the front and back, and old and new.

The staircase posed a considerable headache for the design team who had to come up with a way of linking a rabbit warren of disjointed spaces on different floor levels. The resulting solution is made from bespoke sustainable timber and creates a flexible ‘circulation hub’ where ECCI's staff, students and visitors can meet and congregate.

©Elizabete RancaneProject Architect Calum Duncan said: “The geometry of this building is very complex which meant there were lots of different connections to consider. We've created a solution that helps us make a good sustainable building, both in the materials selected and in the way it will used. A building fit for purpose will be used for a very long time.”

“The more timber we can use the better as it absorbs carbon and helps us to achieve a BREEAM rating of ‘Outstanding’ when it is finished,” added Calum Duncan. “We also chose the blend for its very fine grain and interesting visual appearance which was a very important factor given that elements of the timber frame will be exposed internally.”

Graham constructon got to work on the installation of the staircase last week and hope to complete the job by the end of the month.

Watch an animation of how users will interact with the new staircase and building as a whole on Our New Building pages.

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