ECCI Wins Sustainability Impact Award

13 April 2016

ECCI’s flagship Low Carbon Innovation project has won the Sustainability Impact award in the University of Edinburgh’s Sustainability Awards.

The awards offer an opportunity for staff and students to contribute towards the University of Edinburgh becoming more socially responsible and sustainable.

The Low Carbon Innovation project, which ran for four years spanning 2011-2015, actively engaged with over 1400 Scottish enterprises, providing intensive support to over 200, helping them develop over 200 new low carbon products and services. This is turn created £3million of turnover and 25 new jobs.

Pictured: ECCI's Fleur Ruckley (r) and Annabel Cooper (l) collect the award. 

It was standing room only for the annual Sustainability Awards Ceremony at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation on Wednesday afternoon, where we celebrated the achievements of staff and students from around the University.

"The Sustainability Awards are one of the best ways that everyone at the University can make our institution more sustainable, whilst also gaining recognition for their efforts” said Professor Charlie Jeffery, Senior Vice-Principal, as he opened the ceremony.

Three categories featured in this year’s awards: Special, Student Awards and Student Residences Awards. Office and Lab award teams are working towards their accreditation at present, and will be recognised at an awards ceremony in 2017.

Special Awards

The Special Awards celebrate dedicated people, and innovative projects and ideas that take the University much closer to fulfilling our environmental and ethical objectives in 5 different categories: Energy, Sustainable Labs, Innovation for Sustainability, Sustainability Impact, and Outstanding Contribution.

Energy: Security Office for their Sustainability Surveys

Sustainable labs:
Gel documentation system for replacing UV lights with LEDs and eliminating 20kg of hazardous waste per year
Dissection light replacement project for their own LED light replacement project that will save 2 tonnes of carbon per year
School of Geosciences chest freezer replacement which will cut the energy needed to store their samples by two thirds.

Innovation for sustainability:
Edinburgh Student Food Project which identified the real issue of student food poverty, and brought together stakeholders from across the city to help address it
Sustainability in Latin America whose event in February promoted international links and helped introduce high school students to the University

Sustainability impact: Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation’s low carbon innovation project, which supported more than 1,400 low carbon enterprises.

Outstanding contribution: Ming Wei Low and Priyasha Madavan, two MSc Sustainable Development students who were key in organising the 2015 Sustainability Jam.

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