Water abundant Scotland? Risks and opportunities in the Hydro Nation.

05 March 2015

ECCI join forces with water experts to present a Foundation Programme in water stewardship.

In its newly-published 2015 Global Risk Report, the World Economic Forum ranks water crises as the world’s most critical societal risk.

This Foundation Programme in water stewrdship helps participants to understand how this innovative approach can support diverse water management and sustainability goals within the context of a low carbon economy. 

Date: Monday 23 March 2015

Start/end time: 09:00 – 17:00 (Lunch provided)

Venue: ECCI, High School Yards, Edinburgh, EH1 1LZ

Register online: ECCI - SDS Water

The 2015 Global Risk Report also report lists failures of climate-change adaptation as the most severe environmental risk.  The rise in concerns about water has been a clear trend in recent years and this WEF report serves to emphasise the need for more responsible management of water resources as part of responses to climate change. 

In this context, the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is stepping up its capacity building programme around the International Water Stewardship Standard, aiming to equip water management and sustainability professionals with the knowledge they need to implement or promote water stewardship. Together with Skills Development Scotland we have teamed up with AWS and Water International Witness to offer a one day Foundation Programme. 

More information: http://edinburghcentre.org/SDE-Water.html