Scotland’s First Water Stewardship Program Launched Today

23 March 2015

The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is unveiling its Water Stewardship capacity-building program for the first time in Scotland.

Following last year’s launch of the International Water Stewardship Standard, the capacity-building program aims to equip water management and sustainability professionals with the knowledge they need to implement or promote water stewardship. 

The event follows World Water Day, marked on 22 March every year. World Water Day aims to empower participants to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues. 

Founded in 2008, Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS)  is a multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to enhancing water stewardship capacity and guiding, incentivizing and differentiating responsible water use. The organization’s mission is to promote responsible use of freshwater that is socially and economically beneficial as well as environmentally sustainable.

AWS is based in The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation’s (ECCI) Innovation Suite - a dynamic, shared workspace for public, private and third sector organisations

The Deutche Post/DHL INNOVATION SUITE brings together talented people from diverse backgrounds & disciplines, in a world-class collaborative environment, all seeking to create a low carbon future.

Alongside AWS’s regional partners, a global pool of experts will be the go-to points for organizations looking to understand more about the Standard’s innovative approach, for companies needing support in implementation, and for independent assessment of conformity against the Standard.

Over the next two months, training programs are scheduled in India, China, Australia, the United States and Scotland. 

AWS is holding a training day in Scotland on May 23rd in collaboration with Water Witness International and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. The event will bring together leaders in sustainable water management in Scotland, with case studies from the whiskey industry, Scottish Water and from innovative catchment management projects, all set in the context of the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation initiative.

Adrian Sym, Executive Director of AWS, said: “The Scottish context is especially important for AWS as it is taking the final steps towards launching a membership structure via a new Scottish-registered non-profit entity. This is designed to enable multi-stakeholder participation in the governance of AWS -- one of the fundamental tenets of water stewardship.

The Scottish context is especially important - Adrian Sym

“With a network of highly-skilled professional service providers and multi-stakeholder membership, the AWS water stewardship system will become fully operational, enabling the social, environmental and economic impacts that water stewardship is designed to achieve.”

A network of institutional and regional partners to AWS includes representatives from industry, agriculture, public sector and civil society. AWS’’s founding partners included American Standard, CDP, Centre for Responsible Business, Centro del Agua para America Latina y el Caribe, Ecolab, European Water Partnership, Fundacion Chile, Fundacion FEMSA, Future500, General Mills, The Gold Standard Foundation, Hindustan Unilever Foundation, Inghams Enterprises, Marks & Spencer, Murray Darling Basin Authority, Nestle, Pacific Institute, Sealed Air, United Nations Environment Program, the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate, The Nature Conservancy, The Water Council, Veolia, Water Environment Federation, Water Footprint Network, Water Stewardship Australia, Water Witness International, WaterAid and WWF.