ECCI welcomes new residents GeoGeo - specialist in GIS for International Development

12 February 2015

Welcome to our new innovation suite residents GeoGeo - specialists in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for International Development.

GeoGeo - Paul Georgie, Founder & CEO and Steven Kay, Geospatial Technologist - aims to promote the very latest mapping technologies across the world, helping communities, organisations and governments alike benefit from them.  

Paul Georgie said: “Many of the goals and aspirations at the ECCI resonate with our own, as we aim in 2015 to continue collaborating with governments, businesses, communities and academics alike to provide smart geo-enabled solutions to help craft a sustainable, resilient future for Scotland and the rest of the world.

We're delighted to move into such a forward thinking environment, where there is a clear drive towards developing enterprise and innovation for a low carbon future - Paul Georgie, CEO

With our team and client base expanding both in scale and geography, we're delighted to move into such a forward thinking environment, where there is a clear drive towards developing enterprise and innovation for a low carbon future. We hope that our own mapping skills will come in handy to help bring these communities of interest together and accelerate the ideas of low carbon leaders.

Above all, they're our kind of people!”

GeoGeo explained:


Paul Georgie - Founder & CEO

Paul embodies the ethos of GeoGeo, designing and implementing mapping projects in partnership with governments, organisations and communities across the world. A lifelong geographer who is infectiously passionate about sustainability, public health, climate change and future cities. When not engrossed in everything spatial, Paul takes to the slopes.


Steven Kay - Geospatial Technologist

Steven is a software developer, database wrangler, digital artist and neo-cartographer. He cut his teeth with 8-bit computers. His interests in data visualisation and a life-long fascination with maps inevitably drew him towards GIS and Open Data. When he's not doing unspeakable things to maps and servers, he's a keen photographer and CGI animator.

The Deutche Post/DHL Innovation Suite

ECCI's Innovation Suite kicked into life at the end of 2013 and is now home to 12 full time residents.

The Deutche Post/DHL INNOVATION SUITE brings together talented people from diverse backgrounds & disciplines, in a world-class collaborative environment, all seeking to create a low carbon future.

Unique for an innovation centre, we welcome any idea / organisation that shares our low carbon vision: from small businesses, large corporates and social enterprises; to public sector and voluntary organisations.

There are 14 current residents of the Innovation Suite ranging from business think tank 2020 Climate Group - set up to advise the Scottish Government on climate; to the Royal Bank of Scotland Sustainability team.

Become a resident

If you’d like to become a resident or know someone who would contact us: or 0131 650 5326.