Capture Mobility installs new turbine in A90 Highway Dundee

21 December 2015

Capture Mobility is one of the low carbon innovation start-ups in our Ideas Lab here at ECCI. The start-up business has been backed by UK Trade & Investment and recently secured a deal with the Scottish Transport Department and local councils.

Capture Mobility aims to develop innovative green energy products. They are challenging two pain points for the world; the clean energy crisis and air pollution. In response to these – Capture Mobility has developed a hybrid, micro wind turbine which harvests the turbulence of passing traffic.

This unique product can harvest both solar and wind energy and can be placed by the side of highways, high-speed railway tracks and even on rooftops. One turbine is able to generate 300 watts per hour and at the same time it can capture the carbon particles (PM10 and PM2.5) with integrated filtering sheets inside the fins of turbine. These hazardous particles contribute directly to cancer and asthma for thousands of people a year and every year people die prematurely because of air pollution. Most of this pollution is coming from traffic emissions and power plants. Existing green energy resources are not 100% reliable as they depend on variable environmental conditions and geography. So oil and coal are depended on to generate secure and constant energy which is costly and produces hazardous pollution as well as contributes to global warming.

Capture Mobility believe that these problems are linked and that finding innovative and reliable ways to generate clean energy will reduce air pollution and help limit climate change.

"This unique product can harvest both solar and wind energy from the side of highways, high-speed railway tracks and even rooftops"

Q&A with Sanwal

How do you take action on climate change within your role?
Although the aim of my company is to fight against the air pollution and clean energy crisis, but as a director of the company I have cultivated the culture of caring environment and saving energy by little acts. And I believe that these little acts can create a much bigger impact if we all adopt them and support green energy for the better of our future.
At the same time I believe that we have a responsibility to take care of the people who don’t have access to clean energy and living in off grid areas. To help and support them I integrated a hybrid non-profit and profit business model to help the off grid people through the profit from the corporate sector.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Well the best thing about my job is; it’s not my job but my passion. Everyday there is a new challenge and I learn new things. I always feel great to motivate my team and others about the passion and the cause of Green Energy. I also take the other green energy companies as a support rather than a competition because we are all fighting for the same cause. And I always get thrilled to share my ideas and experience with them. I believe that everyone has the right to breathe in the fresh air and have access to clean energy.

For more information contact Sanwal: or @sanwalmuneer