ECCI Welcomes Global Business Leader Sandra Beach Lin

25 March 2015

Sandra Beach Lin, member of The Committee of 200 (the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs and corporate innovators) visits Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

This morning we welcomed Sandra Beach Lin for a special ‘Pop-up Carbon Chat Room’. Thanks to the University of Edinburgh Business School Student Council Sandra was in Edinburgh to talk about her life in business, making difficult decisions as a leader and to share insights on what CEOs want from the next generation of leaders. Sandra is a global business leader with clean tech expertise.

She served as CEO of Calisolar (Cleantech 100 Company & Solar-grade Silicon venture) and now sits on the boards of numerous corporations including PolyOne Corporation, Interface Biologics, American Electric Power, and WESCO Distribution. Sandra met with Carbon Masters students and ECCI staff for an engaging Q&A on her experience in start ups, renewables, the role of the market and regulation, and a discussion of how her own awareness of the role of sustainability and environmental concerns in corporate life is constantly evolving.

do your homework, excel at performance, earn credibility, and ask for what you want - Sandra Beach Lin

ECCI staff and masters students asked questions and heard from Sandra on issues as varied as climate change, the importance of good relationships between regulators and industry, and how Sandra has successfully navigated a remarkable career in an industry that is not traditionally full of roles of for women. Asked for her advice on how women can find success in business life Sandra commented – ‘…do your homework, excel at performance, earn credibility, and ask for what you want, especially when it comes to job progression.  Remember that perfection is an unnatural goal we often set for ourselves; you can absolutely get that next role without dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”.'

Thanks to Sandra and the Business School for this unique opportunity – find out more about the main event here