National Press reports ECCI funding news

16 June 2011

News of the Centre's £1.6 million funding boost made a splash in the Sunday papers this weekend.

The Sunday editions of The Scotsman and The Herald, as well as BBC News Online, all reported the Scottish Government's £1.6 million investment pledge and the estimated 80 new jobs and £167 million boost to the Scottish economy that the work of the Centre is expected to create. 

The reports quoted the Scottish government's capital investment secretary, Alex Neil, who said the centre was "good news for jobs" adding that the Scottish government believes the low carbon market is valued at £8.49bn, with government forecasts predictingn it will grow to about £12bn by 2016. The Scottish government predict low carbon employment in Scotland will increase to about 130,000 jobs by 2020.

Funding will contribute towards the £10 million refurbishment of the building at High School Yards, where the Centre will be based from June 2013.

This funding is a fantastic and welcome contribution towards creating a hub for the Edinburgh Centre. This will help realise our aim of equipping the next generation of industry leaders and opinion formers with innovative solutions and the skills to deliver a low-carbon future 

Dr Andy Kerr, ECCI Executive Director

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