News, updates and information from ECCI's Smart Accelerator

Including knowledge share and international best practice trips

The Smart Accelerator hosted or participated in a number of events and initiatives over the 18 month project. You can find some of the highlights here along with news or events that were promoted for our partners.

Berlin Incubator InnoZ guest speakers at Carbon Chat Room

Christian Balint gives a taste of InnoZ's projects in Berlin at the Chat Room and the group meet Dundee Council Sustainable Transport Team Leader John Berry for a tour of sunny Dundee. 

ECCI welcomed InnoZ, Berlin's Living Lab for Connected Mobility 17 April 2015

This ‘Pop-up’ Carbon Chat Room featured Dr Frank Wolter, Christian Balint and Joel Heinemann from InnoZ. They presented an overview of who InnoZ are and what they do and gave a taste of the projects and start-ups that they work on at the campus in Berlin. This was an excellent opportunity to discover what is happening in smart mobility from some of the people at the forefront of mobility innovation and experimentation.

View Frank Wolter's presentation here

View Christian Balint's presentation here

For an overview of the InnoZ Dashboard

Following the Chat Roon InnoZ visited Dundee and were introduced to the MILL project and Dundee City Council's transport head Neil Gellatly. John Berry from the Council Transport team gave the group a tour - showing off Dundee's new EV charging infrastructure and a flying visit to the 203020 Taxi Group for a look at their rapid charging infrastructure. The day ended with an evening at ECCI for Science Festival event and bicycle powered film screening of Future My Love.

On Saturday morning the group had a chance to check out some of the Electric Vehicles that were part of the showcase Science Festival event here at ECCI.

ECCI and the Smart Accelerator hope to continue this excellent relationship with InnoZ - fostering knowledge share and good practice across the centres.

About InnoZ

InnoZ is an important core of the five hectare living lab on EUREF-Campus in Berlin-Schöneberg. The concepts of intelligent city are developed and connected mobility and energy concepts are tested on-site. Sustainable building solutions make the campus a unique and award-winning lab for innovation and future projects – much like our own hub here at ECCI.

InnoZ offers research, testing and consulting services, and develops projects in cooperation with partners from industry, research, and government to create innovative system solutions in the fields of mobility and societal change. Moreover, by employing cutting-edge user research, InnoZ can offer concepts that not only combine applied research and best-practice, but are also user-centric.

  • Founded in 2006: 100% project financed
  • 5 equal shareholders, 12 members in the academic advisory council
  • 80 employees work in over 30 projects, 12 research projects
  • Results for 2013: €4.5m turnover; 200 events; 6,000 guests

For more on InnoZ visit their website

For more information about the exchange, or InnoZ's visit please contact Siobhan Dunn