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China-UK Low Carbon College

The China-UK Low Carbon College in Shanghai, set up in 2017, is the first of its kind in China.

ECCI worked in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Edinburgh to establish this pioneering educational centre.

China-UK Low Carbon College logo

The college, based at custom-designed facilities in the 'smart' city of Shanghai Lingang, encourages climate innovations in China and globally. It draws on the expertise of the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

The local government partner, Shanghai Lingang Government, wants to develop a low carbon innovation ecosystem, based on the ECCI model. The aim is to establish Lingang as a regional centre for developing low carbon solutions and ideas.

ECCI Deputy Director Ed Craig has been seconded to the college as Dean, Edinburgh. Ed will lead the University of Edinburgh's activity overall and head up its innovation and professional education activities. He will drive forward a new tailor-made innovation centre and research labs due to open on the campus in late 2019.

A low carbon curriculum

University of Edinburgh staff, working with colleagues from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, will deliver teaching at LCC on subjects including:

  • carbon finance and management
  • carbon capture and storage
  • environmental sustainability

In addition, innovative research projects will tackle poor air quality, energy efficiency and sustainable construction.

“This groundbreaking project shows the opportunity for the University of Edinburgh and Scotland to make a real impact with our Chinese partners in cultivating talent, industry and technology to lead the transformation to a clean energy future.” ECCI Deputy Director and Dean, China-UK Low Carbon College, Ed Craig

Collaborating for the future

The launch of the China-UK Low Carbon College is an exciting facet of the Scotland-China low carbon collaboration, but there’s more to it.

From this academic year, the University of Edinburgh is accepting Shanghai Jiao Tong students into five low carbon-focused Masters programmes. It will also build on the current momentum by forging new research partnerships and creating a tailored executive education programme.

Want to find out more?

Watch a short film about the opening of the China-UK Low Carbon College.