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ECCI is the official Scottish partner of Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest climate innovation initiative.

We give low carbon start-ups funding and support to build rock-solid business models and take their target markets by storm.

Climate-KIC logo

The idea behind Climate-KIC is to drive innovation in climate change through creative collaboration. It forges partnerships between the private, public and academic sectors. Climate-KIC was set up in 2010 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, an EU body. It has centres in London, Birmingham and Dublin, as well as here in Edinburgh.

Start-up success stories

The companies taking part in our Climate-KIC Accelerator and Greenhouse programmes here at ECCI have scooped more than 50 awards and more than £1 million investment to date.

Unlike some start-up support programmes, we don’t bar our Climate-KIC entrepreneurs from accessing other funding. Nor do we claim intellectual property rights for any ideas we help them develop.

Delivering climate action

Creating a smart and thriving future isn’t just about new business ideas – it’s about putting solutions into practice. Our Climate-KIC partnership includes two projects driving change in cities and finance. Find out more about Connected Clusters and Financing Sustainable Cities.