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EIT Climate-KIC

ECCI is the official Scottish partner of EIT Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest climate innovation initiative.

We give low carbon start-ups funding and support to build rock-solid business models and take their target markets by storm.

Climate-KIC logo

EIT Climate-KIC is Europe's largest public-private partnership for action on climate change. It was set up in 2010 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, an EU body.

It has developed a strong foothold in the UK and Ireland since, with centres in Edinburgh, London, Birmingham and Dublin.

Start-up success

Through our partnership with EIT Climate-KIC, we give entrepreneurs funding, coaching and support to develop a successful business model. So far we’ve supported more than 35 companies, who between them have raised more than £1 million investment and scooped more than 50 awards.

Catalysing climate action

Creating a smart and thriving future isn’t just about new business ideas – it’s about putting solutions into practice. Our EIT Climate-KIC partnership delivers projects driving change in cities, finance and procurement. Find out more about ConnectedClusters, Financing Sustainable Cities and our City Deal Procurement Pathfinder.