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EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator

The EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator is our three-stage programme for low carbon entrepreneurs and start-ups in the UK.

It gets you investment-ready by offering the knowledge, resources, tools and coaching you need to grow into a great business.

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Through the programme, we give you access to up to €25,500 grant funding, and business coaching with experienced professionals. You also benefit from a range of masterclasses, as well as workspace at ECCI’s vibrant Edinburgh hub. Applications are currently closed for Accelerator.

The Accelerator stages

The coveted support programme launched at ECCI in June 2017. Successful businesses can be moved through three programme stages, accessing support and funding at each one.

Stage 1: Fundamentals (5 weeks)

This first stage comes with up to €500 funding. Here, we help you find your market niche and unique selling points. We also help you figure out how to make money and scale up. A programme of expert support and events will guide you as you turn your invention into a solid business model.

Stage 2: Validation (4 months)

Stage 2 is all about talking to customers to validate the business model. It helps you understand whether your business is solving real problems for your target audience. This stage comes with up to €5000 funding and is open to all businesses with a basic business model. As long as you have a motivated team behind your idea, including at least two founders.

Stage 3: Delivery (6 months)

In Stage 3, which comes with access to up to €20,000 funding, we get your business ready for take-off. We support you to pilot your product or service and prepare you for negotiations. You’ll also be able to tap into a huge network of potential partners, investors and customers through this programme stage.

Why apply?

Here are some of the key Accelerator benefits at a glance:

  • Financial support: Get up to €30,000 funding to develop and launch your idea.
  • Professional development: 1-2-1 coaching, mentoring, masterclasses, events and peer-to-peer learning.
  • UK & international connections: Meet customers, partners and investors through a large international network.
  • Dynamic workspace: Free work and meetings space in our award-winning, low carbon Edinburgh hub.
"Climate-KIC helped us validate our product with industry professionals and hurdle the growing pains many start-ups face by giving us access to funding at a very crucial time in our growth." Sam Whitten, Founder, Hemp Eyewear

Who can apply?

You’ll need to tick the following boxes to be considered for our EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator programme:

  • You’ve got a breakthrough idea for a new product or service that you think could have a big climate impact.
  • You’ve already defined a basic business model.
  • You’re a motivated, UK-based team, ideally with more than one person involved in the business.
  • Your company (“legal entity”) is no older than two years. (If no legal entity has been established, you can create one in Stage 1 of the programme.)
  • You’re committed to taking part in the programme activities, and comfortable working in an English-speaking environment.

State aid

Where ECCI's EIT Climate-KIC business support programmes include state aid, this is governed by the Universities (Scotland) Act 1889. If there is state aid present, the award will be made in compliance with Article 25 of the European Commission’s General Block Exemption Regulation.