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Mingqi Liu (Muki)

Project Officer

Muki works as a project officer to provide support for the international-focused projects within ECCI's Innovation Team. She currently assists with international partnership programs such as the Cross-KIC funded ‘GreenQ’ programme and the Low Carbon College (LCC) partnership with Shanghai JiaoTong University.

Before joining the ECCI, Muki studied MSc in Environmental Sustainability at the University of Edinburgh. Her dissertation (“Elevating the power of ideology for stakeholder cooperation in urban governance: An investigation of ideologies on clean energy transition in the interactive governance networks of Edinburgh Climate Commission”) is part of an ESRC-funded research project PCAN.

The dissertation combined quantitative with qualitative methodologies (Q methodology and interviews) to explore the interrelationships between ideology and the energy governance in Edinburgh. Research outputs were policy recommendations on facilitating cross-sector stakeholder cooperations for faster, greater and better clean energy transition.

She also worked as the Director of Network for Edinburgh Sustainable Innovation Conference 2020 at the Buchanan Institute, Edinburgh’s first student-led think tank at the University of Edinburgh.