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Rebecca Bell

Policy & Research Officer, SCCS

With a secritariat based at ECCI, SCCS is the largest Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) research group in the UK. It coordinates all aspects of the country’s CCS research, from capture engineering and geoscience to social perceptions and environmental impact. Through its renowned researchers, SCCS acts as a link between academia, industry and government.

Rebecca is responsible for policy and advocacy for the SCCS research partnership, monitoring and analysing Scottish, UK, EU and international CCS policy formulation. She develops evidence-based SCCS policy positions and translates these into consultation responses, committee evidence and media releases.

Rebecca engages with politicians from all parties, as well as industry groups, public bodies and non-governmental organisations to build support for CCS in Scotland. She advises on policy areas, including industrial decarbonisation, oil and gas decommissioning, and net zero emissions ambitions.

Rebecca has over 12 years’ experience in policy development, analysis, and advocacy. A former chair of the Sustainable Scotland Network, editor of Scotland’s State of the Environment report and a political campaigner, Rebecca has worked in local government and the NGO sector, building and strengthening partnerships to embed climate change and sustainability in decision-making, and developing projects to deliver a step change in climate action.

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