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44th TB Macaulay Lecture - Johan Rockström


Macaulay Development Trust in partnership with the James Hutton Institute

Join globally renowned climate change expert Professor Johan Rockström at Scotland’s largest and longest running public lecture hosted by The Macaulay Development Trust and The James Hutton Institute.

“The science is clear: the rising frequency and amplitude of extreme events is just one consequence of overshooting 1.5 °C warming, which is a real biophysical limit, and beyond which multiple tipping points in the earth system are not only likely to be triggered, but run a risk of causing tipping cascades” - Professor Johan Rockström

Johan will discuss the latest scientific results of the health of the earth system, including the recent work of the Earth Commission and will also update on the "Earth for All" scenario, analysing pathways towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals within planetary boundaries.

His talk will reflect on where we stand shortly before the COP28 to be held in Dubai and his thoughts on the corrective action he believes is needed in order to keep the entire system in its current inter-glacial state.

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