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Training & Skills

Capacity building and skills development, in all sectors of society, is vital to support the transition to a zero carbon economy.

ECCI works to enhance skills and build capacity through our partnerships, projects, policy and advisory roles, and links to educational courses for all levels of expertise.

We are in a Climate Emergency. The actions we all choose to take over the next decade will decide whether we succeed or fail to meet the biggest challenge to our civilisation in the 21st century.

Capacity building and skills development in all sectors of society is vital to supporting the transition to a zero carbon economy, which is why ECCI works to enhance skills and build capacity through our partnerships, projects, policy and advisory roles, and links to educational courses for all levels of expertise.

Live training and skills opportunities

Climate Springboard

A free online programme designed to support Scottish SMEs better prepare for Net Zero.

Climate Springboard is a free business support programme that has now opened its doors to any Scottish SME. Designed to simplify the net zero landscape, this unique and action orientated programme was created from a partnership between ECCI, the University of Edinburgh and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Becoming Climate Resilient

Presented by ECCI resident partner Sniffer.

Launched in 2023, ECCI residents Sniffer's short course, Becoming Climate Resilient, is designed for organisations and businesses.

The course explores climate adaptation, climate risk, and opportunities to build resilience and a fairer, flourishing future.

Climate Solutions MOOCs

The Climate Solutions course is designed and delivered by award-winning climate change experts and educators, including ECCI associates and core staff.

It tackles the biggest challenge of our time – climate change – by giving each of us the knowledge and tools we need to make a real difference. Designed to be accessible and engaging throughout, it provides the facts you need to know about what climate change is, and the solutions you need to know so you can be part of fighting it. Versions of the course include:

Climate Solutions: Egypt (English)

Climate Solutions: Egypt (Arabic)

Climate Solutions: UAE (English)

Climate Solutions: India (English)

Climate Solutions: India (Hindi)

Climate Solutions: UK (English)

New versions for Senegal, Malawi, Ecuador and Mexico are coming soon.

Capacity building, policy advisory and postgraduate study

Capacity building

Much of ECCI's work is focused on building partnerships between organisations who can deliver real change - across sectors, industries and borders. We do this by creating and managing partnership networks and working with key partners on specific projects and programmes. Examples include:

  • Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) - with a secretariat based at ECCI, the SSN network spans all of Scotland’s 150+ public sector bodies, facilitating knowledge and resource sharing, and embedding best practice around measuring and driving down climate impact.  
  • Edinburgh Climate Compact - through the Edinburgh Climate Commission, we designed a set of climate commitments and targeted the biggest and most influential organisations in Edinburgh to commit to reducing their climate impact.
  • The Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN) will help the UK meet its climate targets by catalysing cross-sector action and increasing the flow of green finance.

Policy and advisory

ECCI experts also advise the Scottish and UK government on training and skills policy. ECCI Director Professor Dave Reay contributes advice, leadership and expertise to:

  • UK Gov Green Jobs Taskforce
  • Education and skills for COP26 Unis network
  • Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan (CESAP) [Scottish Government]
  • Scottish Governement's Implementation Group for the CESAP

SAGES & NERC PhD programmes

Since 2017/18 ECCI has worked with SAGES and NERC to offer pioneering career enhancement opportunities for PhD students. The programme links students with relevant host organisations and is at the forefront of bringing academia and business together to tackle global environmental challenges.

A range of business, third and public sector organisations working in priority areas of interest for SAGES and NERC are matched with PhD students to work together on meaningful consultancy projects.

Masters programmes

We host a range of postgraduate courses at ECCI, designed to help build a low carbon society. Our hub is home to around 200 Masters students, studying everything from carbon management to environmental sustainability.

The online Carbon Management MSc is a ground-breaking development of our award-winning campus-based programme, providing students worldwide with high-level knowledge, skills and training in the business, economics and science of carbon management.

Climate Change Risk in Finance

A partnership between ECCI, Edinburgh Futures Institute and the Centre for Business Climate Change and Sustainability, this is a fundamental course for financial professionals focused on the consequences of climate change on finance – how to navigate data, measure risk, gain accurate insights for financial decision making, and capture opportunities related to transitioning to net zero.

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