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Business development

The Business Development team is the primary point of contact for all commercial engagements.

Based at ECCI, the team is a gateway to the knowledge in the University of Edinburgh.

ECCI's Business Development team is responsible for leading innovation across the School of GeoSciences and providing the primary point of contact for all commercial engagement and partnerships.

The team works in cooperation with the School of Geosciences, Bayes Centre, Data-Driven Innovation team and Edinburgh Innovations - the University of Edinburgh's commercialisation service - to link to wider services, facilities and resources to support a range of innovation activities to link research, innovation and impact. The Business Development team can support company led research and innovation to deliver impact.

The team work with these partners to:

  • Build industrial partnerships
  • Support innovation
  • Commercialise university research
  • Secure development funding

Key themes

  • Geoenergy
  • Space and satellites
  • Digital health and the environment
  • Supporting the net-zero transition  

Recent work

PASTORAL: Gras Biomass Monitoring Service. A new solution for Farmers to Improve Efficiency and Productivity, combining Agriculture-technology and Space and Satellites.The project was featured in Farmers Weekly & Farmers Guardian Pastoral project: Farmers help to develop satellite grass measuring technology.

Working with the Scottish Alliance for GeoScience, Environment and Scoiety (SAGES) to place and support a PhD internship with Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutions focusing on Biochar opportunities in the circular economy. The work was featured in IEMA: Biochar opportunities in the circular economy.

Global Lidar Altimetry MISsion: GLAMIS is a flagship mission, led by Dr Steven Hancock at the School of GeoSciences, to develop a global spaceborne lidar to cover the entire Earth. This project is unique, as the team is building the mission from scratch – from concept, to design and eventually launch – all from Scotland. The applications of the technology are wide reaching and include biomass change mapping for emerging carbon markets, flood modelling, fire risk, microclimate and biodiversity modelling. With enough funding, the 1st launch would happen in 02028 and with 6 satellites worldwide coverage would be achieved.

Meet the team

The Business Development Team includes Business Development Executives Stuart Simmons and Kristina Tamane.