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Policy Leaders

We collaborate with governments, business and academics to help craft smart climate and energy policy.

We're also the base for and jointly manage ClimateXChange, Scotland's centre of expertise on climate change.

Our value lies in understanding public policy challenges, and being able to draw on extensive networks across business and academia.

We work closely with public officials to support improved public policy development and implementation, in the UK and internationally. From feeding into the 2050 Edinburgh City Vision to addressing the Irish Citizens’ Assembly, we deliver constructive, actionable policy input.

Our work with ClimateXChange

Through ClimateXChange, we coordinate research and analysis, delivering timely, high-quality advice to public policy-makers. This puts us in prime position to help shape effective regulatory frameworks for delivering a thriving zero carbon society.

What we deliver

We stimulate constructive collaborations and innovative thinking by:

  • bringing different stakeholders together
  • challenging existing policy and practice
  • showcasing emerging thinking and practice
  • creating space for deliberation and constructive dialogue

We shape better, more effective policy and public regulations by:

  • providing policy-makers with clear findings, options and recommendations, however technical the subject matter
  • supporting productive communication between policy teams and the suppliers of evidence and analysis
  • matching the best researchers with the needs of public policy, in line with government timelines
  • building trust between research and policy communities

Recent policy work

Important institutions and strategies that have recently benefited from our public policy expertise include:

Irish Citizens’ Assembly

Then-ECCI Executive Director Professor Andy Kerr was invited to present the work Scotland is working to achieve its climate change ambitions.

2050 Edinburgh City Vision

ECCI has been proactively involved in the discussions from the outset, and our former Director Professor Andy Kerr sat on the Steering Group.

Scottish Energy Strategy 2017

In addition to our work through ClimateXChange, ECCI contributed to shaping the strategy by hosting events and convening stakeholders from different sectors.

Meet the team

Find out more about our in-house policy experts, and what they do at ECCI.