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Cabinet Secretary highlights importance of climate change reporting

Ahead of the SSN Spring Conference, the Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Climate Change has written to all public sector Chief Executives to highlight new reporting duties.

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SEFARI Gateway – SAGES Policy Placement

Apply now for a placement opportunity with Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutions (SEFARI) Gateway. Open to all SAGES members.

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Consultancy Support for Royal Bank SME Net Zero Support Programme

ECCI seeks consultants to provide mentoring to a range of Scottish SMEs in taking steps to transition to a net zero.

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Creative Scotland's new Climate Emergency commitments

Funding and development body sets out how it will use resources and influence to help the culture and creative sectors reduce their own emissions and adapt to climate change.

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Enterprise agencies join forces to help businesses be more environmentally competitive

Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise have teamed up with 50 Scottish economic development agencies, including ECCI, to help companies calculate lifetime carbon savings.

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Climate advisors for schools in new education scheme backed by ECCI

New scheme offering crash courses in climate change for teachers; helping schools, colleges and nurseries transition to net zero; and supporting them in making their buildings resilient to extreme weather.

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New plans detail how the UK education sector is to become a world leader in climate change by 2030, as part of the launch of the government’s flagship Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy.

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Sniffer Climate Resilient Business Briefing 2022

The beginning of April marked the introduction of new Sustainability Disclosure Requirements for some of the UK’s largest companies & financial institutions. Sniffer's Aoife Hutton explores what this means for small business.

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Kate Sargent, a PhD student from the University of Dundee, was employed as a SAGES intern on the Children’s Climate Risk Index project.

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CASE STUDY: SAGES INTERNSHIP - Martha Stokes x Teach the Future

MSc student Martha Stokes undertook a policy internship at TfS, conducting research into recent Scottish and UK government policy with a focus on education and climate policy.

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