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Learn more about our team’s expertise and experience, which projects we’re working on and how to get in touch.

Professor Dave Reay

Executive Director

Dave joined as ECCI's Executive Director in January 2020. He is also Professor of Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh and Director of Policy at ClimateXChange.

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Dr Andy Cross

Deputy Director

Andy has been with ECCI since 2015, and took up the role of Deputy Director in January 2023.

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Dr Kate Donovan (formerly Crowley)

Co-Director (Maternity leave)

Kate is a Lecturer in Climate Risk and Resilience at the University of Edinburgh and joined the ECCI team in August 2020.

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Dr Alex Hilliam

Programme Manager, ClimateXChange

Alex leads ClimateXChange, based at ECCI. He oversees its work to inform and underpin the policies required to deliver Scotland's low carbon ambitions.

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George Tarvit

Director, Sustainable Scotland Network

George joined ECCI in May 2018 to lead the Sustainable Scotland Network, Scotland's network for public sector action on climate change and sustainable development.

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Ruth Wolstenholme

Managing Director, Sniffer

Ruth is MD of Sniffer - an independent charity based at ECCI that brings people and ideas together to create a sustainable and resilient society.

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Dr Dan Barlow

Honorary Fellow

Dan is a Honorary Fellow at ECCI and was formerly director of ClimateXChange, based at ECCI.

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Rebecca Bell

Policy & Research Officer, SCCS

Rebecca is responsible for policy and advocacy for the SCCS research partnership, monitoring and analysing Scottish, UK, EU and international CCS policy formulation.

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Anne Marte Bergseng

Project Manager - Climate resilience and social change, ClimateXChange

Anne Marte manages ClimateXChange’s work on behaviour change and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

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Sarah Bissett

Projects Officer, Climate Partnerships

Sarah works in the Climate Partnerships team at ECCI and is currently providing support for the Climate Springboard programme.

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Anna Beswick

Business Manager, Sniffer

Anna manages the Adaptation Scotland and TalX programmes on behalf of Sniffer - an independent charity based at ECCI.

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Jamie Brogan

Head of Climate Partnerships

Jamie develops and leads a portfolio of partnership projects aiming to deliver impact at scale.

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Christy Brewster

Communications Officer, ClimateXChange

Christy leads on drafting updates and reviewing and editing commissioned research reports for ClimateXChange.

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Lee Callaghan

Project Co-ordinator, ClimateXChange

Lee keeps track of all ClimateXChange’s projects, finances and whereabouts. She also manages the organisation’s procurement and events.

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Annabel Cooper

Communications Officer

Annabel supports the delivery of ECCI’s communications strategy across media, digital, events and stakeholder engagement.

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Inês Crespo

Communications Manager, ClimateXChange

Inês is responsible for developing and implementing CXC’s communications strategy and events portfolio.

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Lucy Crockert

Communications Officer, Sustainable Scotland Network

Lucy supports SSN programme delivery, including delivering SSN communications, supporting member events and administration.

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Dr Kyle Dexter

Reader in Terrestrial Vegetation Ecology in the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

Kyle Dexter is a Reader in Terrestrial Vegetation Ecology in the School of GeoSciences. He is the Deputy Director of the E4 Doctoral Training Partnership and co-Director of the Centre for Adapting to Changing Environments.

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Dr Nicola Dunn

Project manager – Climate and energy, ClimateXChange

Nicola manages energy-related projects at ClimateXChange.

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Kit England

Business Manager, Sniffer

Kit manages the Climate Ready Clyde initiative on behalf of Sniffer - an independent charity based at ECCI.

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Sarah Govan

Project Manager (Climate and land use), ClimateXChange

Sarah manages ClimateXChange’s land use, agriculture and forestry research projects.

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June Graham

Network Officer, Sustainable Scotland Network

June joined ECCI in May 2018 to hep drive public sector action on climate change for the Sustainable Scotland Network.

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Prof Gabi Hegerl

Professor of Climate System Science, School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

Prof Hegerl's research focuses on causes of climate change and the causes and consequences of extreme events.

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Dr Sian Henley

Reader in Marine Science, University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

 Dr Sian Henley is a Reader in Marine Science at the University of Edinburgh. She has a diverse range of research interests from climate and environmental change in the polar oceans to climate change impacts on children worldwide.

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Kristin Hopfe

Project Officer

Kristin supports ECCI’s climate partnerships and administration teams.

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Richard Lindsay Stevenson

Data and Projects Officer, SCCS

Richard is responsible for providing data management, analysis and dissemination and knowledge exchange support across the SCCS partnership

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Richard Lo Bianco

Digital Communications Officer, SCCS

Richard Lo Bianco is responsible for managing and delivering digital media communications for the SCCS partnership and partners.

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Virginia Marsh

Communications Officer, SCCS

Virginia is Communications Officer for Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage

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Prof Patrick Meir

Personal Chair in Ecosystem Science, School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

Prof Meir is also Director of the Centre for the study of Environmental Change and Sustainability (CECS), School of Geosciences.

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Prof Marc Metzger

Director of the Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes (ECCI Associate)

Marc Metzger is professor of Environment and Society within the Research Institute of Geography and the Lived Environment at the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh.

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Kira Myers

Carbon Analyst, Climate Partnerships

Kira works in the Climate Partnerships team, helping ECCI to be part of delivering ambitious climate targets in Edinburgh and Scotland through partnership projects and programmes.

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Dr Caroline Nichol

Reader in Remote Sensing, University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

Dr Nichol is a Reader in Remote Sensing at the University of Edinburgh and also works within the School of Geosciences’ Airborne Research and Innovation Facility.

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James Paterson

Programme Director (Carbon Management MSc and PGCerts)

Jamies is Programme Director for the ECCI-hosted online Carbon Management MSc and PGCerts postgraduate courses at the University of Edinburgh.

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Catherine Pearce

Capacity Building Manager, Sniffer

Catherine has extensive experience of working on climate and energy policy with governments and parliaments around the world.

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Eleanor Pratt

Climate Resilience Coordinator, Sniffer

Through her role at Sniffer, Eleanor brings organisations and people together to find solutions to environmental challenges.

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Annalisa Savaresi

Visting Academic

Annalisa Savaresi is an expert in climate change law and on the interplay between human rights and environmental law, with 20 years’ experience working with international and nongovernmental organisations.

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Dr Vivian Scott

Honorary Fellow

Vivian is a Honorary Fellow at ECCI and works for the UK’s Climate Change Committee.

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Dr Simon Shackley

Director of Postgraduate Teaching in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

Simon Shackley is a lecturer in Climate Policy in the School of GeoSciences where he is also Programme Director for MSc Carbon Management.

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Stuart Simmons

Business Development Executive

Stuart is the primary point of contact for commercial engagement at the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences.

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Prof Hugh Sinclair

Professor of Surface Geodynamics, University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

Prof Hugh Sinclair is a professor of Surface Geodynamics at the University of Edinburgh.

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Dr Saran Sohi

Senior Lecturer in Soil Science and Biochar, in the School of Geosciences (ECCI Associate)

Dr Saran Sohi is a Senior Lecturer in Soil Science and Biochar, in the School of Geosciences.

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Dr Lorna Street

Lecturer in the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

As an ecosystem scientist, Dr Street is interested in how vegetation influences ecosystem carbon and nutrient cycling.

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Dr Kate Symons

Project Manager - Climate and Economy, Business and Industry, ClimateXChange

Kate manages ClimateXChange projects across the economy, business and industry portfolio. She is a geographer by training, with a background in university teaching and research in global sustainable development.

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Dr Dan Swanton

Director of Undergraduate Teaching in the School of GeoSciences (ECCI Associate)

Dr Dan Swanton is a cultural geographer who’s research examines how people share space in cities and student education.

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Kristina Tamane

Business Development Executive

Kristina works as a Space Sector Lead at the University of Edinburgh, supporting academic colleagues who operate within the space and satellites sphere to showcase their excellent research and work with industrial partners.

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Clare Wharmby

Carbon Innovation Manager, Climate Partnerships

Clare works in the Climate Partnerships team at ECCI, focusing on developing tools and training for both the public and private sectors.

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Alison Wood

Programme Manager, Climate Partnerships

Alison works in the Climate Partnerships team at ECCI and runs Climate Springboard, a programme to support SMEs to respond to the climate emergency.

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Dr Romain Viguier

Business Development & Project Manager, SCCS

Romain provides the SCCS partnership with industry engagement and identifies research and commercial opportunities.

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Tom Wade

Chief Pilot and Facility Manager, Airborne Research and Innovation, University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

Tom Wade runs the Airborne Research and Innovation (ARI) facility at the University of Edinburgh.

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Dr Erika Warnatzsch

Digital Education Designer and University Teacher in Carbon Management, Co-Programme Director (Carbon Management MSc online) (ECCI Associate)

Erika is a climate change researcher, digital education designer, and teacher at the University of Edinburgh.

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Emma Yule

PhD Researcher & Tutor, University of Edinburgh (ECCI Associate)

Emma is a PhD researcher and tutor at Edinburgh University focused on extreme climate events and climate adaptation in Scotland. Emma also tutors on the Carbon Management Masters.

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