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CANDO Innovation Summit


Led by Glasgow City of Science and Innovation (GCOSI).

At the CAN DO Innovation Summit - a focal point for business innovation in Scotland - SMEs will meet the innovators, entrepreneurs, and academics that can help them adopt new technologies, build progressive working cultures and access the right support to enable innovation-led recovery and growth.

The Summit will explore how businesses from all sectors - from healthcare and advanced manufacturing to construction and the creative industries - can build sustainable growth and resilience after the global impact of COVID-19.

Includes a panel discussion hosted by ECCI: Maximise climate-related opportunities for your business

Includes a panel discussion hosted by ECCI's Head of Innovation Ed Craig, featuring three entrpreneurs who have been supported by ECCI's EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator: Lidia Krzynowek, Carbogenics; Faisal Ghani, SolarisKit; and Joanna Allen, Reshape Technology.

The growing demand for green and sustainable products, services and values has created major new markets in which forward-thinking, responsible entrepreneurs are reaping rewards. From tracking habits and driving behaviour change, to low-cost, sustainable water solutions, be inspired by companies who are driving change whilst positioning their business for success.

  • Outline ‘new future’ and opportunities for business in expanding ‘green’ sectors
  • See breadth of ways that cross-sectoral innovation in different types of tech / expertise can be applied to tackle climate challenges.
  • Understand that core products and services need to change to remain relevant / position businesses for success
  • See how SMEs are progressing / future direction
  • How, when and why they initiated work in ‘green areas’ / accessed support
  • Understand where to go for relevant support for next steps
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