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ECCI workshop: Circular Business for Business Leaders


Opportunities that make business and environmental sense.

ECCI is offering a workshop for business leaders that are ready to learn about, and adopt circular economy practices, in their business. We're all aware of the climate challenge we all face, this workshop provides tools and space to generate business solutions.

Why consider circular? 

Customers increasingly look for businesses to demonstrate their climate commitment and reduce their climate impact and use this to decide where to buy. Investors also look for businesses to demonstrate how they will build their resilience for the transition to a low carbon economy. By becoming more circular companies can:

  • Develop new revenue streams
  • Reduce costs in production/delivery
  • Reduce carbon and waste impact of the business
  • Demonstrate their environmental commitment to customers

Workshop information

This workshop occurs over two days on 28 and 29 October from 9 - 2 pm each day.  These are interactive sessions and hosted digitally. You will work directly on a problem and apply the tools. This is a highly valuable business opportunity; places are limited and fully funded by EIT Climate KIC. 

You will gain the tools to:  

  • Analyse the waste created by your business / value chain with the circularity compass tool
  • Discover how other businesses have innovated and adopted circular business models through case studies
  • Identify high value waste streams in your value chain with tried and tested business tools
  • Learn strategies and generate ideas for reducing waste, and capturing more value in your value chain

This workshop will benefit: 

  • Business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators leaders based in Edinburgh
  • That are interested in circular economy but don't know where to start
  • Want to generate ideas about how to reduce their businesses climate impact, reduce costs & generate revenue by becoming more circular

It's open to people from any sector but it may be especially of interest to people in businesses that make or use single use products, electrical products, and construction. 

Where we have more interest than places, we will select the group of participants based on motivation, similarities across sectors, and diversity of roles and experience. 

This workshop is hosted by Edinburgh Centre for Climate Innovation (ECCI) at the University of Edinburgh. For further information or questions please contact Please note that the dates have changed from previously planned.

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