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Climate Fringe Festival 1 - 30 September


Scotland’s call for action on climate change, and will take place throughout September 2022.

The Climate Fringe Festival is a community-led and community-organised series of events taking place across the whole of Scotland, showcasing the diversity of the Scottish Climate Movement.

Last year, over 200 events took place during Climate Fringe Week with thousands of people showing their support – both in their community and online – for urgent action on climate change.

Organisers want to make the Climate Fringe Festival even bigger this year, with a diverse range of events taking place across the whole of Scotland:

"This year’s Climate Fringe Festival will be a fantastic opportunity to build momentum following COP26 in Glasgow. Together, we will show decision makers that the movement is stronger than ever and people from all walks of life are committed to take action on climate change."

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