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Scotland's Climate Week 2022


Climate Week 2022 – “Scotland, let's talk climate!”

Scotland’s Climate Week, designed to celebrate and showcasing climate action throughout the country, will take place between 26 September and 2 October.  

It’s an opportunity for communities and organisations to highlight the changes they’re already making in response to the global climate emergency. Organisations are also encouraged to bring employees, families, communities, customers and stakeholders into the conversation on what they can do to help tackle climate change.

There are many ways to use the week to best effect. The Campaign Resource Centre holds our toolkit for partners and all the additional resources. These can help you identify how you can get involved if you are still considering what action to take.  For example, you could:

  • Include Climate Week’s key messages on your social media channels, across newsletters and on your webpages
  • Showcase and share the actions your organisation is taking around climate change
  • Select and share social media assets across your channels (using the hashtag #ScotClimateWeek, #LetsDoNetZero)
  • Follow the Let’s Do Net Zero Twitter and Facebook pages and share/retweet content to your channels from there
  • Sharing one or more of the online quizzes with your contacts to help inform them of the impacts of climate change
  • Run Climate Week events within your organisations, for the wider public sector, or even for stakeholders and/or customers using the Climate Conversation Pack if needed. There are a number of assets available to support and promote your events, including evites, posters, social media and online assets
  • Encourage staff to build their climate knowledge by participating in one of the many climate change events taking place throughout September during Climate Fringe FestivalScotland’s Climate Week, and/or get involved with Walk2COP27 - walking, running, cycling, or wheeling with friends whilst talking about climate change and attending the virtual townhalls and clubhouse sessions.

If you are planning a Climate Week event that is open to the ECCI network, don’t forget to contact ECCI with the details so that it can be promoted on our events page, and please highlight to staff any events other organisations are undertaking which they might want to attend.

So let’s urge everyone to get involved and have conversations about climate change with staff, colleagues, stakeholders, friends, and family up and down the country, using this simple guide – climate conversations pack– to help with topics and conversations where needed. 

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