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Hosted by ECCI

Enhanced Rock Weathering Conference: ERW23


Presented by UNDO Carbon

Unite with global scientists and academics at the 2023 International Conference on Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 

The first conference dedicated to ERW will be held at ECCI on Tuesday 26 of September, 2023. Scientists worldwide are invited to come together to discuss the potentials and breakthroughs of ERW. The inaugural conference aims to encourage international collaborations and drive further advanced Research & Development, to overcome existing scientific barriers. 

The programme features thought-provoking plenary sessions, that will promote knowledge exchange and inspire fresh perspectives.  We particularly want participation of early-career scientists, post-graduate students, and postdocs, who are poised to contribute significantly to the future of this field. 

This event is hosted by ECCI, the University of Edinburgh and planned by a dedicated UK-based organising committee from UNDO Carbon

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