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Green Career Pathways (COP26 Green Zone)

Online and Glasgow

Part of the COP26 Green Zone programme of events

Chaired by ECCI Director Prof Dave Reay, who is also a member of the UK Government’s Green Jobs Taskforce.

The Green Career Pathways event examines and debates the roles of education, training and employment in delivering a resilient and equitable transition to net zero.

Following a keynote presentation on The Role of Education & Skills in UK and Global Climate Action the expert panel will provide insights into Navigating A Green Career Pathway.

Panellists will discuss the challenges their sectors face in terms of education, skills and jobs in a climate emergency, and the actions required to deliver green career pathways that ensure a fair and economy-wide alignment with the Paris climate goals.

The event includes two University of Edinburgh alums on the panel: Catherine Barber, Deputy Director, Industrial Energy Transformation, BEIS, UK Government; and Rhona Turnbull, Climate, Environment and Emerging Issues Lead at NatWest Group.

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