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Insights on Post-COP27 Finance


Presented by the Edinburgh Earth Initiative

While the outcomes of COP27 have been seen by many as mixed, it has nevertheless heralded a new era in how we define and deliver climate change-related finance. On one hand, adaptation finance is increasingly taking a central role in discussions on how to scale-up the 100 billion USD of climate finance to be provided annually by developed countries. On the other hand, COP27 saw the addition of loss & damage funding as an agenda item and the decision to create a new delivery mechanism for these resources. Finally, discussions are slowly starting to take shape as to what the climate finance architecture could look like post-2025 in terms of donors, recipients and delivery channels.

Our panel will provide insights on a number of questions and issues and includes:

Ulfath Ibrahim

A graduate of the Msc Environment and Development programme at the University of Edinburgh, Ibrahim is a potential climate refugee, multi-disciplinary social scientist and environmentalist with over 7 years experience working for the government of Maldives in various capacities on issues pertaining to foreign relations and sustainable development policies. She currently works as an international climate negotiator in the Special Envoy Office for Climate Change of the Maldives.

Elena Pereira

A graduate of the Msc Carbon Finance programme at the University of Edinburgh, Pereira is the lead negotiator for Honduras and one of the lead negotiators for AILAC on climate finance. She has over 10 years of experience in international development, working with government and international cooperation agencies on climate change mitigation and adaptation. As a climate finance advisor, she is currently supporting the Honduran government in the development of the financial strategy for its adaptation commitments established in the National Adaptation Plan and NDC.

Luisa Weber, moderator

A current Master's student from Germany studying Climate Change Finance and Investment at the University of Edinburgh, Weber is following international climate negotiations closely and had the opportunity to attend COP26 as a civil society observer as a member of Young Friends of the Earth Germany.

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