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Our Common Home: A Seminar Series


Presented by Common Weal’s Edinburgh University Collective.

Common Weal’s Edinburgh University Collective invite you to a critical seminar series covering the Our Common Home plan: the first fully-costed Green New Deal in the world, custom built for Scotland’s transition to carbon neutrality.

Every three weeks, the group will host an informal seminar on a few sections of the plan, from energy and infrastructure policy, to agriculture and land management, to resources and trade.

The series will be held at Sofi’s Southside, Buccleuch Street EH8 9PL, and the dates and times are as follows:

  • Resources and Trade - 6.30pm Tuesday 18 Feb
  • Food and Land - 6.30pm 10 March
  • Building and Heating - 6.30pm Tuesday 31 March
  • Electricity and Transport - 6.30pm Wednesday 22 April
  • Learning and Us - 6.30pm Tuesday 12 May

More info about the organisers