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The Carbon Rush: Understanding the role of carbon, offsetting and investing in the land market


Presented by the Scottish Land Commission

The second in SLC's 'Natural Capital and Land' series will look at the published Land Lines discussion papers by Prof Sir Dieter Helm, Dr Jill Robbie and Dr Giedre Jokubauskaite, exploring the role of carbon in land ownership and use.

Chaired by Scottish Land Commissioner Megan MacInnes, the panel includes the authors of the Land Lines discussion paper on carbon rights, Dr Jill Robbie and Dr Gigi Jokubauskaite from University of Glasgow, alongside Don MacLeod of Turcan Connell, and ECCI Director Prof Dave Reay, University of Edinburgh.

The panel will discuss carbon offsetting, the value of carbon, carbon rights and what all of this means for Scotland's land. The hour-long session will include a Q&A for your chance to put questions to the panel and take part in the discussion.

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