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The Copernicus Climate Change Services training


Presented by The Copernicus Climate Change Services (C3S) and C3S User Learning Services.

The Copernicus Climate Change Services (C3S) and its related C3S User learning Services invites you to join an online training to understand how to use data from the Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS) to support adaptation decision-making and the development of climate services. This course is aimed at professionals living in the United Kingdom. 

The 5 week course can be tailored to meet your own needs whilst at the same time, working with experienced academics and trainers. All the modules are interactive and participants are encouraged to work collaboratively with others on the course to share knowledge and experience. 

This training targets consultants, policy makers, business entrepreneurs and researchers who want to learn about the production of climate services for adaptation. You will work together with a multidisciplinary team to create an adaptation case study.  

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