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Value Scotland: Why good companies generate better outcomes


A joint event with the Business School, Maturity Institute, and Amersi Foundation.

The expert panel will discuss whether Scotland can design and develop a better socio-economic system for itself to become the first, truly inclusive, stakeholder economy.

This seminar asks whether companies based in Scotland all work in the best interests of all Scottish stakeholders; whether the public sector is managed more effectively here than elsewhere and whether environmental initiatives such as ‘Zero Waste Scotland’ have any better chance of succeeding where other countries have failed.


  • Paul Kearns (chair); Chairman; Maturity Institute
  • Sandy MacDonald; Head of Corporate Sustainability; Standard Life Aberdeen
  • Robert Dickie; President; Chartered Banker Institute
  • Professor Kenneth Amaeshi; Director; Sustainable Business Initiative, University of Edinburgh
  • Michelle Thomson; Founding Director; Momentous Change