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ECCI expertise helps Council plans for a net zero Edinburgh by 2030

ECCI’s Head of Innovation and Skills Jamie Brogan and researcher Robert Williamson (a fomer Carbon Management MSc student at ECCI) will today present evidence to Edinburgh City Council’s policy and sustainability committee on the city’s plans to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The presentation will include an economic review of potential actions and their impact - such as overhauling how buildings are heated, a sustainable tourism strategy and private sector input - and the establishment of a City of Edinburgh Climate Commission, which will bring experts and partners together from across the Capital to drive city action.

The Commisson will look to bring experts and city partners from all key stakeholders together to deliver on a shared ambition to tackle climate change and will support action to deliver the ambitious 2030 carbon neutral target.

ECCI is drawing on links to the Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN) - a new initiative to boost climate action in the cities of Edinburgh, Belfast and Leeds - which aims to help the UK meet its climate targets by catalysing cross-sector action and increasing the flow of green finance.

The Edinburgh team's findings build on models of public, private and third sector partnership working developed in Leeds by PCAN's Professor Andy Gouldson, who has extensively researched the economics of low carbon cities, demonstrating huge opportunities to cut energy bills and emissions.

Cllr McVey said: “Tackling climate change and our city carbon emissions is a shared responsibility that must be driven by a strong citywide partnership. The Council continues to show much-needed public leadership on climate action by co-sponsoring a Climate Commission in Edinburgh which will build on the positive experience of other cities in the United Kingdom such as Leeds.”

Jamie Brogan, Head of Innovation & Skills at ECCI, said: “The collective call to action is for people and organisations across the city to work together to enable change in ways they have never done before. Our research shows that bringing together a diverse range of organisations and actors to establish a Climate Commission as an independent voice on climate change can really inspire and inform place-based climate action.”

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