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"The biggest impacts come from the smallest changes"

In the lead up to the grand final of ClimateLaunchpad (CLP) - the world’s biggest green ideas competition - we caught up with Scotland hopefuls Reshape Technology, Go Green Expert and Loch Electronics to find out their hopes for the final and what makes them tick.

The three will compete in the worldwide Grand Final in Amsterdam on 14-15 November, pitching against teams from 50 countries worldwide for prize money of up to €10,000 and a place on the renowned Climate-KIC Accelerator start-up development programme. First up, Francisco Carreno of Loch Electronics...

What is your company and product all about, in a nutshell?

Loch Electronics™ is an environmentally-driven consumer electronics brand and company, the world’s first to our knowledge. We solely focus on products that challenge the status quo and produce a positive impact on the environment.

Capsule Dishwasher™ is a range of personal dishwashers 5 times smaller than a full-size dishwasher which are able to wash for 1 or 2 persons in 15 mins. It doesn’t need plumbing installation and its racks can be used to organise your kitchen at home and office.

Tell us about your background.

After graduation in BSc Mechanical Eng. in Peru, a German plant engineering firm with operations around the world hired me and brought me to the USA where I lived for 10 years. Since my time in university I always wanted to work on projects that create a meaningful impact on the planet and society so I decided to move to Scotland where I graduated with a MSc Mechatronics degree and started working on Capsule.

What plans do you have for expansion?

Capsule Dishwasher™ is a product that can be sold worldwide. We’ll achieve this by incremental steps. After geographical expansion we will continue with expansion of our product line from home/office/outdoor dishwashers to fruit washers, heaters and organic-waste containers among others. Our smart appliances will allow customers to have a more comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.

What’s your ultimate goal?

I firmly believe that the biggest impact come from the smallest changes. In this sense Loch Electronics will be a global brand with products that challenge the way we do things like washing dishes, washing fruits and vegetables, warm our houses and dispose of our waste: Everything we do in our daily life can be done in a better way.

What is your greatest achievement?

We’ve finished the basic engineering of Capsule with several prototypes and we’re now in the process of drafting our patent applications. We’ve done extensive market research and talked to manufacturers around the world. However, we believe our greatest achievements are ahead in the future. Loch Electronics will give people the power to choose the future they want when buying their next appliance.

Your views on Scotland and Edinburgh’s sustainability scene?

It’s really exciting to be part of such vibrant scene and meet like-minded entrepreneurs. There are so many institutions helping us realise our projects. I must say it would not be possible without them. I love how Scotland is proud of its history of ingenuity and innovation. It inspires me to do my best to keep up with this tradition.

What role did the support offered to you by ECCI/CLP play in your success?

As part of Climate-KIC, I had immense help from ECCI when defining all aspects of our business plan and strategy. I had the pleasure to meet very inspirational mentors and speakers. Being part of CLP adds up to that and helps us focus even more on our strategy. It’s also very helpful in getting the word out and meeting like-minded people. But most of all I love the environment ECCI has created to cultivate new enterprises, I love spending time at their building learning what everybody else is doing to change the world for the better.

How do you relax?

My wife and I ride a pink tandem around Edinburgh. Often random people approach us to say hi. Not sure if it’s because it’s a tandem or it’s pink or both but it’s cool when it happens.

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