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Get involved in ClimaTell, from 2050 Climate Group

2050 Climate Group’s Leaders Network are organising a collaborative event at ECCI called "ClimaTell" - designed to showcase the inspired climate/sustainability based projects, climate actions, research, and other work that young people in Scotland are undertaking.

The event aligns with Scotland’s Climate Week 2022 and the Climate Fringe Festival and will be held on Friday 30 September at ECCI in Edinburgh. 

The event will unfold in the form of a Fair whereby we are inviting a range of young people (18-35-years-old) from across Scotland to host a stall/stand and share their amazing climate action stories. Contributors can show a poster, product, project, do tasters, demonstrations or any other activity to raise awareness of their work which can be on behalf of an organisation, their own research or volunteering that they take part in.

2022 happens to be Scotland’s Year of Stories and our ClimaTell is meant to be a dedicated space wherein the climate action stories of Scotland’s youth are spotlighted, shared and supported. This will also be a great opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded people and climate-centred organisations from across Scotland.

If you would like to host a stall/stand, please register your interest in participating:

2050 Climate Group

Since 2014, 2050 Climate Group has been working to empower Scotland’s Young Leaders to lead action on tackling our climate crisis.

A youth run and volunteer-led organisation, 2050 Climate Group has a team of over 60 volunteers based across Scotland.