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Climate Change Solutions reaches 2000 learners

Nearly 2000 people from around the world have accessed the University of Edinburgh's Climate Change Solutions Open Access course, designed and led by University of Edinburgh experts, including ECCI Director Professor Dave Reay.

The course instructors said: "We are in a Climate Emergency. The actions we all choose to take over the next decade will decide whether we succeed or fail to meet the biggest challenge to our civilisation in the 21st Century. Take this course. Learn about what climate change is and what you can do about it. Then. Do it."

The innovative open-access course will teach you what climate change is, why its important and, most importantly, what you can do about it and is designed and delivered by award-winning University of Edinburgh climate change experts and educators Vanessa Umbura, Galina Toteva and ECCI's Prof Dave Reay.

It tackles the biggest challenge of our time – climate change – by giving each of us the knowledge and tools we need to make a real difference.

Designed to be accessible and engaging throughout, it provides the facts you need to know about what climate change is, and the solutions you need to know so you can be part of fighting it.

You’ll learn about the solutions needed from governments and big business, how you can help to make them do more, and what you can do yourself.

Core topics include:

  • the science behind climate change and its causes;
  • the impacts it is already having and could have in the future;
  • What governments and business need to do;
  • How each of us can take action, from what we do at home right through to who we vote for and what stuff we choose to buy.

Taught by instructors with decades of experience in climate change and online learning, this course is a collaboration between leading experts in the University of Edinburgh, the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and the UK Universities Climate Network.

The course is open to open to everyone and can be completed at whatever pace suits you.

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