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Climate entrepreneurs launch their bid for global glory

A new squadron of climate entrepreneurs are limbering up for global success today at ECCI as ClimateLaunchpad 2019 - the world’s biggest green ideas competition - kicks off in Scotland.

Their climate change-fighting ideas range from the worlds' first 100% sustainable jeans, to a software tool that can empower anyone to make a personal, positive impact on climate change, and a low energy-low cost solution for growers in developing countries to use water-saving hydroponics.

The eager new recruits are taking part in a 2-day boot camp and coaching sessions to help to develop their idea into a world-beating pitch. They'll get dedicated support to communicate their business idea, bypass pitfalls and a chance to pitch for funding.

The fighting-fit participants are hoping to follow in the footsteps of Scotland's 2018 success story Lorenzo Conti, who pitched against 135 cleantech start-ups to win third place for his company Crover - bagging € 2,500 and becoming the top performing Scottish team in the competition ever.

After taking part in the 2-day intensive participants will get the chance to pitch this idea during the Scotland Final, also hosted by ECCI, later this year.

The top three winners of each national competition, which is running in more than 50 countries around the world as well as Scotland, will go on to compete in the worldwide Grand Final in Amsterdam with prize money of up to €10,000 for the overall winner.

Founder of Wes'ray Claudia Escobar Lindenbaum said: "Entering the Climatelaunchpad competition will help us to raise awareness and interest in Wes’ray raw linen denim's ethos and promote our sustainable product internationally.

It's a fantastic platform to build relationships with potential partners and customers, exchange ideas and add value to our start-up."

Anthony Magrath, founder of Reshape Technology said: “We believe our product will really help people reduce their own impact on climate change, but we need a way of jump-starting the business.

"Climate Launchpad provides an ideal vehicle to get us ready for investment and accelerate our route to market. We’ve very excited to reach this stage of the competition.”

Dominic Lavelle, founder of GoGreenNow said: “I’m delighted to be accepted onto the ClimateLaunchpad programme. Climate change is a very significant global issue, so it’s going to be interesting meeting like minded people committed to finding commercial solutions to the problem.

"I’m looking forward to turning my business idea into a scalable business with support from the ClimateLaunchpad experts”

Managing Director of Loch Electronics, Francisco Carreno, said: “I’m so very grateful to be part of ClimateLaunchpad and look forward to meeting everybody at the boot camp.

This is definitely an exciting opportunity and a step in the right direction. I hope to represent Scotland and make tiny dishwashers for everyone to use!”

ECCI’s Head of Innovation and Skills Jamie Brogan said:

"ClimateLaunchpad drives entrepreneurs with new ideas to challenge themselves and structure their ideas into a winning presentable formula - while having fun and learning at the same time. 

We hope Crover’s phenomenal success in the Global Grand Final last year will inspire Scottish applicants to go even further this year."

ClimateLaunchpad 2019 finalists

Ander Innovations

Edinburgh-based Kris Anderson is the founder of Ander Innovations, which aims to reduce gas leakage and waste in the oil and gas industry using LIDAR - an optical remote sensing technique that directs a pulse of laser radiation towards a targeted area of gas.


Low cost back pain devices are mostly plastic, synthetic or metal based products, all with a high level of embodied carbon. Backstory have developed a range of bio-based alternatives, which combined with upcycling reduce environmental impact.


EcoHydro is developing a low energy and low cost solution for growers in developing countries and remote areas to use water-saving hydroponics to grow crops. Using a UK developed polymer that swells in contact with water and shrinks back when dry, East Kilbride-based founder Charlie Martin aims to reduce water and electricity use.


Worcester based GoGreenNow is a brand new green star rating system for consumer products and services, allowing consumers to make more informed carbon choices.

Loch Electronics Limited

Edinburgh based Francisco Carreno of Loch Electronics is the brains behind Capsule, the world’s first personal dishwasher. It doesn’t need plumbing installation and fits in small kitchens, saving energy, water and money.

Moringa Cookies

Founder and food and soil scientist Gihan Soliman is the brains behind a Moringa Cookies - a new start-up developing a vegan, highly nutritious food product that has a positive impact on health and the environment.

Reshape Technology

Edinburgh based Anthony Magrath is the founder of Reshape Technology, a start-up developing a product that enables individuals to measure, budget and reduce their personal carbon footprint.


TraPar is a cost-effective digital tool that gives commercial vehicle operators the data needed to cut down waste, improve efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.


Wes'ray have created the worlds’ first 100% sustainable jeans, made in Scotland using raw linen and finished by the elements of nature. Edinburgh based founder Claudia Escobar Lindenbaum is a designer working in sustainable and fair design on a mission to stop the overuse of water and pollutants in the denim industry.

ClimateLaunchpad is one of the programmes delivered by ECCI in partnership with Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest climate entrepreneurship programme. ECCI is the official Scottish partner of Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest climate innovation initiative.

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