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#ClimateShot launch!

ECCI is proud to announce support for The Global Action Agenda for Innovation in Agriculture — the #ClimateShot in the lead up to COP26 summit this November.

The #ClimateShot is an agricultural innovation race to save our planet and aims to close the ‘innovation gap’ in agriculture and food systems. This gap holds back current ambitions in adapting to — and mitigating the impact of — climate change as set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

In pledging support on behalf of ECCI, Director Prof Dave Reay said: "The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) has an inspirational vision. One that can deliver a sustainable transformation in agricultural and ensure our food systems work for people, nature and climate simultaneously.  

"At the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute we are proud to be an ally of the Transforming Agricultural Innovation campaign. Here in Scotland, like everywhere in the world, we are facing the complex challenge of navigating the transition to more resilient and lower carbon agriculture in a way that protects and enhances livelihoods, communities and natural ecosystems. A core part of our own work is advising government on ways to meet this challenge and realise a sustainable future for all land use in Scotland.

"Another core component of the campaign is that of capacity building and knowledge sharing. This is something ECCI is especially keen to support given the crucial role of education and skills in delivering 'climate-smart' food production globally. Our open access courses - such as 'Climate Solutions' - are part of an expanding array of resources and platforms that can help underpin a climate and food-secure future for us all.

"As we approach the momentous COP26 meeting in Glasgow, the CCAFS and Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) campaign is exactly what is needed to forge new partnerships and deliver world-changing action."

Get involved

#ClimateShot and ECCI is calling on organisations to ally with us, and climate champions to join the #ClimateShot and share your stories of innovation in agriculture with the world.