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Get ready for Green Careers Week

ECCI and the University of Edinburgh are primary partners for Green Careers Week - an exciting virtual careers fair that aims to inspire young people to discover careers, jobs, roles, and career pathways that are green careers and to develop green skills.

Timed to coincide with COP27 and running in schools, colleges and education centres across the UK from 7-12 November, the initiate aims to raise aspiration, support diversity, challenge stereotypes, and promote real opportunities for young people to have a career that will genuinely make a difference.

With a website packed full of activity resources, case studies, webinars, videos, events, and employment information, Green Careers Week offers an insight into and exploration of the current and future careers which will help the planet move towards net zero with reduced impact on the environment in all areas of society.

ECCI and the University of Edinburgh have joined with core partners - including UK Space Agency, STEM Learning, Environment Agency, Met Office, Natural History Museum and WWF - to challenge young people and educators to find out more and continue to embed green careers awareness in the classroom in the coming weeks and months.

As part of the programme, ECCI's Head of Climate Partnerships Jamie Brogan will also be sharing his career journey and aiming to inspire 1000+ children to become future climate leaders at the Positive Footprints Career Conversations event on Wednesday 9 November.

Why Green Careers Week now?

Green Careers Week said: “Increasingly the world is changing. The effects of decades of burning fossil fuels to travel, heat our homes and power industry is changing the planet’s eco-system. Without change, global warming will seriously and irreparably damage the world – a world young people will inherit.

“We at National Careers Week decided we should open up the world of Green Careers to all young people and share the incredible and growing opportunities that exist in positively changing the planet.

“A recent Bath University study across ten countries found that nearly 60% of 10,000 16-25 year-olds surveyed said that they were said they ‘felt very worried or extremely worried about climate change’ and 75% felt that the future was ‘frightening’.

“With this being the case, it seems crucial to involve young people in solving these issues and that’s why we have created GCW2022."

“Green Careers Week is a beacon of hope for climate action now, and for generations to come.” ECCI Executive Director Prof Dave Reay

ECCI Executive Director Prof Dave Reay said: “Edinburgh Climate Change Institute and the University of Edinburgh are proud to support this fantastic Green Careers Week. Here in Scotland, across the UK, and right around the world, green jobs and skills underpin everything we do in the fight against climate change.”

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