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Meet ECCI’s newest team member: Carbon Analyst Kira Myers

Meet ECCI’s newest team member - Carbon Analyst, Kira Myers.

Kira graduated from the MSc in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh this winter and joined ECCI's Climate Partnerships team earlier in the year.

She's been helping ECCI be part of delivering ambitious climate targets in Edinburgh and Scotland, through partnership projects and programmes such as the Carbon Scenario Tool pathfinder project.

Kira said: “I have always been drawn to the problem of climate change. I see the threat but also the opportunity for a better world, and I want to be part of that change.

I was introduced to ECCI through the Carbon Management MSc and saw it as a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and innovative space for climate change mitigation and adaptation while promoting equality and justice in tackling the climate emergency. 

For my master’s dissertation, I worked with ECCI Carbon Innovation Manager, Clare Wharmby, on a method of using publicly available data to target areas for privately financed low-carbon retrofitting.

This project helped emphasise how data can be used as an enabler for change. I hope to use my skills in data analysis to continue exploring implementable climate change actions at the ECCI.

I currently work with Clare on the Carbon Scenario Tool pathfinder project which aims to use data to support more informed decision making on place-based climate action.

While I came to ECCI well versed in climate science and specializing in geospatial analysis, I am hoping the interdisciplinary nature of ECCI helps me further develop my understanding of carbon accounting, energy management, climate policy, project management, and stakeholder engagement.

My colleagues are a wealth of knowledge on everything climate change. Through my connections with them, I intend to continue learning and growing so I too can be an enabler of change."

ECCI Carbon Innovation Manager, Clare Wharmby, said: “I had the fantastic opportunity to supervise Kira through her Masters project. I could see the skills and knowledge she had, and how she was continuing to develop and I just knew she’d make a great addition to the team.

"I’d recommend our Carbon Management graduates to anyone who’s serious about building climate capability in their business.” ECCI Carbon Innovation Manager, Clare Wharmby

ECCI Co-director, Dr Kate Crowley, said: “One of the many strengths of our Masters programme is how we bring together learners with practitioners to share skills and experience and work on real climate problems. Taking on a Masters student to deliver a project for your organisation is a great way to bring the very latest climate knowledge into your team.”

Welcome to the team Kira!

Masters programmes

We host a range of postgraduate courses at ECCI, designed to help build a low carbon society. Our hub is home to around 200 Masters students, studying everything from carbon management to environmental sustainability.