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Net Zero, Energy & Transport Committee report

Holyrood’s Net Zero, Energy & Transport Committee has published a report highlighting the need for an empowered local government sector, with better access to the skills and capital it needs.

The findings comes following a year-long inquiry into the role local government and its partners should play in helping Scotland achieve its ambitious net zero goal by 2045.

ECCI residents Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) - Scotland’s public sector network on sustainability and climate change - provided evidence to the Committee’s inquiry, informed by views from the SSN membership and Steering Group.

Among a wide-range of conclusions and recommendations, the report calls for:

  • A local government facing ‘climate intelligence unit' working with the Sustainable Scotland Network to provide specialist help.
  • Allocation of larger, fewer and more flexible challenge fund streams.
  • Addressing delays in planning processes.
  • Additional support in preparation and delivery of Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies.

SSN worked with fellow public sector networks COSLA and SOLACE and the Improvement Service throughout the inquiry to ensure joined up messaging and key recommendations. COSLA welcomed the Committee’s Report, calling it a ‘watershed moment for tackling climate change’.

SSN is now working with its Steering Group and partners to explore how the Committee's recommendations will be taken forward. Many key themes will inform the SSN plan for the year ahead, including the online SSN Conference on Wednesday 24 May.

Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN)

The Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) is Scotland’s public sector network on sustainability and climate change. As Scotland’s all-public-sector network specialising in sustainability and climate change, SSN supports all major public bodies as they work towards net zero emission targets by 2045.

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