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ECCI experts support Scottish Climate Assembly

ECCI experts are directly supporting the Scottish Climate Assembly by providing key science based evidence for the public to enagage with.

The Scottish Climate Assembly is a Scottish Government initiative engaging with over 100 people across Scotland to discuss climate change challenges. 

Over a period of six months - from November 2020 - members of the public have the chance to learn and discuss the question: ‘How should Scotland change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way?'

Professor Dave Reay and Dr Kate Crowley, ECCI Director and Co-Director, are members of Scotland’s Climate Assembly's Evidence Group - and talked directly to participants during the first weekend of the Assembly about climate change impacts, how we can live with climate change; and what we can do to reduce our carbon emissions now and in the future?

Professor Reay spoke to participants about how to reduce our contribution to climate change (mitigation). 

“As Scotland strives to meet its climate change targets, the transition to net zero will mean changes to everyone's lives. The Climate Assembly is a crucial channel for public engagement on what changes are required, how ambitious these should be, and how Scotland can become a fairer society as well as a greener one.” ECCI Director Professor Dave Reay

Both Dr Crowley and Professor Reay also support the Children’s Parliament - and spoke to schoolchildren across Scotland about climate change impacts; and the interactions of climate change with what we eat.

“Being able to support the Scottish Climate Assembly provides a direct link between the research we do at the University of Edinburgh enabling how we as a society adapt and manage climate change”.

“Chatting to the children involved in the Scottish Children’s Parliament about the impacts of climate change on the world’s poorest communities was fantastic, they were so passionate about the need to act on climate change. It was inspiring”. ECCI Co-Director Dr Kate Crowley

The Children’s Parliament also recently launched a video about the importance of children’s voice in the climate change challenge Children's Parliament investigates Climate Change for Scotland's Climate Assembly 2020.

The following videos were presented during the first weekend of Scotland’s Climate Assembly (7 and 8 November 2020).

ECCI research activity

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