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"Some of the hardest questions I’ve ever faced": TeenTech Innovation Live

ECCI Carbon Innovation Manager, Clare Wharmby, was recently a guest speaker at TeenTech Innovation Live - an online event broadcast to classrooms in the North of England. Here, Clare gives us the lowdown on the lively discussion, hosted by TV presenter Dallas Campbell, where topics ranged from the carbon footprint of pickled onion MonsterMunch, to the technology powering virtual reality.

I was asked to take part in the TeenTech MTI Festival by TeenTech’s CEO and founder Maggie Philben after we met at the DataFest in Edinburgh last year.

The focus of the Innovation Live online event was sustainability and using technology to solve some of the biggest problems we face around climate and biodiversity and ethical supply chains; we talked about buying tomatoes and what is the best time of day to switch on your Xbox to reduce GHG emissions and of course, the footprint of a pack of pickled onion Monster Munch.

I was also asked some of the hardest questions I’ve ever faced; about why it costs more to buy sustainable products in the supermarket, about what electricity companies can do to help us reduce energy use and how we balance different aspects of sustainability in our decision-making.

It was brilliant to hear from the other panellists about how their companies are using technology from block chain to virtual reality to hybrid bin lorries; I can’t wait to hear what ideas the students come up with – I’m expecting nothing short of a revolution.

About TeenTech

TeenTech run lively initiatives with a supporting Award scheme to inspire the innovators of the future - supporting teenagers in gain skills, experience and connections to guide them into contemporary careers. 

The TeenTech MTI Festival is now in its fourth year, bringing together hundreds of students from North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire for an exciting and interactive day, helping young people understand the range of opportunities across digital, science and technology.

The TeenTech Innovation Live session enabled classes and entire year groups to hear from leading employers, showcasing exciting aspects of their work with a focus on sustainability.

Training and Skills at ECCI

Capacity building and skills development in all sectors of society is vital to supporting the transition to a zero carbon economy, which is why ECCI works to enhance skills and build capacity through our partnerships, projects, policy and advisory roles, and links to educational courses for all levels of expertise.