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ECCI seeks consultancy support for city finance project

ECCI is on the hunt for consultants to conduct a series of consultation interviews as part of its Financing Sustainable Cities project - part of a European-funded climate innovation Climate-KIC programme.

ECCI is leading a project to scope out how cities can improve their ability to access private sector finance that will advance their low carbon and climate resilient growth.

The consultants will support the project to conduct a series of interviews and consultation with staff in three cities: Edinburgh, Birmingham and London.

Tenders must arrive not later than 12 noon, Tuesday 24 July 2018.

Download the tender document to find out more.


Q: Would it be possible for applicants to obtain a copy of the contract/T&Cs?

A: Detailed T&Cs will be issued to the successful tenderer for consideration with the contract.

Q: Are there any locational preferences for the workshop(s)? For example, would the University of Edinburgh be happy to host?

A: There is no location preference for workshops. The University of Edinburgh/ECCI could host workshops, but this is likely to be at normal commercial rates and subject to availability - details of venues are available on their websites.

Q: Are you expecting three separate workshops (one per city) or one combined workshop? The invitation to tender says "Conduct a workshop with the cities". Please clarify.

A: It is down to the tenderer to include an effective workshop(s) format that would deliver the best project outcomes and successfully engage the cities concerned.