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ECCI start-up to provide energy for world's poorest

One of ECCI’s founding start-ups has formed a new spin out company which will to help provide energy access to world’s 2.7 billion energy poor.

Connected Energy, which combines the expertise of ECCI residents Scene Connect and fellow Scotland-based SME CREATIVenergie, will use their newly developed information and communication technologies to support local companies to provide life-improving renewable energy technologies in the Global South.

One of the first start-ups to be supported by ECCI with a staff of two, Scene Connect is a social enterprise which focuses on strengthening communities through consultancy, research and the development of information and communication technology products. Scene Connect works across the renewable energy and energy access sectors and now has a team of 16, with associates based all over the world.

Connected Energy aims to empower local businesses, in both India and East Africa. Their platforms will be made available to tech savvy entrepreneurs that are ready to incorporate new techniques into their own businesses.

Joel Chaney, Director of Research & Development, Connected Energy, said “As a social enterprise, we should do everything we can to build local companies’ capacity. Now we are in the position to provide many new cost-effective technologies to ensure access to quality energy in difficult environments.”