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“Edinburgh can be at forefront of global cities” ECCI audit tells city council

ECCI Director Professor Andy Kerr this week delivered recommendations on how Edinburgh Council could put Edinburgh at the forefront of global cities by continuing to improve its sustainability and climate change impact.

Drawn from an independent audit conducted by Professor Kerr, the report idenitifed bold leadership, improved governance, investment and radical new partnerships as the way forward for the authority enhance its sustainability and climate action.

The recommendations will play a key role in helping the city achieve its vision for Scotland’s capital to become an ‘inspired, connected, fair and thriving city’ by 2050. The council launched Edinburgh’s City Vision for 2050 in Autumn 2016 - the first major conversation about the future of a city and a society in a generation, inviting Edinburgh to talk about its aspirations, plans, and concerns.

Professor Andy Kerr, ECCI Director, said: “The City of Edinburgh Council has an unprecedented opportunity to set Edinburgh on a course that will deliver rapid improvements in social and economic wellbeing for its citizens, as well as meeting stretching climate and environmental targets.

"This would put Edinburgh at the forefront of global cities and help it move to the vanguard of climate innovation.

“Delivering on climate targets isn’t just about cutting carbon – it’s the best way to create vibrant and liveable cities with strong economic growth."