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Increased funding for ClimateXChange

ClimateXChange, Scotland’s centre of expertise connecting climate change research and policy, has received total funding of nearly £2 million for the next 12 months. The budget is an increase from previous years and the third year into a five year work programme spanning a wide portfolio from land use to energy policy.

ECCI is the base for ClimateXChange and collaborates with governments, business and academics to help craft smart climate and energy policy.

Professor Andy Kerr, ECCI Director and ClimateXChange Director, Policy, said:

"This increased funding is testament to the impact ClimateXChange projects have had in developing Scotland’s climate change policies. I am delighted that we can continue to grow our network of researchers working closely with the Scottish Government to support policy teams with relevant and timely evidence and advice.

In the last year we have seen both the Energy Strategy and the Climate Change Plan published. Both these documents point towards a transformation in Scottish economy and society. Many of our projects will provide evidence to identify the right policy mechanisms to achieve this transformation. Going forward we are supporting the Government’s work on a new Climate Change Bill and the Second Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme."