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Textile designs inspired by ocean climate impact exhibited at ECCI

Textiles inspired by collaboration with marine scientists researching the impact of climate change have gone on display in ECCI until Friday 30 November 2018.

The Marine Science is Beautiful exhibition is a collection of eight silk scarves from artist and marine science graduate Jessica Giannotti. She founded the label Crùbag to create print designs and colourful accessories inspired by the ocean and our need for a deeper connection to the natural world.

The framed scarves are on display in the central atrium of ECCI’s award-winning low carbon hub in central Edinburgh. They reveal some of the microscopic ocean organisms and processes which could be affected by climate change.

Jessica Giannotti said: “Excess carbon as CO2 is changing our climate and bringing us to the very edge. The buffering capacity of the ocean is reaching its limits.

“Rapid climate change not only threatens our survival as a species but may impact nature’s fine-tuned processes and feedback loops.

“What are the effects of climate change on these tiny processes that regulate our marine ecosystems?

“By showing some of these tiny hidden processes we hope to inspire, raise awareness and bring a deeper connection with the world around us.”

Fashion for change

Jessica added: “Tangible textiles can communicate important message and inspire others to connect with the natural environment.

“Fashion can be a platform for positive change.”

ECCI is open Monday to Friday from 8.45am to 4.45pm. Members of the public are welcome to drop in and view the exhibition, and leave a comment for the artist if they wish, during opening hours.

The framed artworks on display at ECCI are for sale after the exhibition.