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Wave Energy Scotland joins ECCI's vibrant low carbon community

Wave Energy Scotland (WES) is the latest company to move into ECCI’s low carbon hub in Edinburgh.

Established in 2014 at the request of the Scottish Government, WES aims to take an innovative approach to supporting the commercialisation of wave energy technology. It teams up with engineers and academics to accelerate the development of cost-effective technology for deployment in Scotland.

WES has a six-person team based at ECCI, including Marine Business Development Manager Norman Morrison - a joint post between WES and the Energy Technology Partnership - and Highlands and Islands Enterprise's Head of Low Carbon Diane Duncan.

Elva Bannon, Senior Engineer at Wave Energy Scotland, said: “Wave Energy Scotland is driving the search for innovative solutions to the sector’s technical challenges so Scotland stays at the vanguard of marine energy development.

“Our new base at ECCI’s low carbon hub in the heart of Edinburgh gives us fantastic links to networks of innovators, researchers and policy-makers across the capital and beyond.

“Sharing the building with the wide range of businesses and organisations that use ECCI as a work and meeting place is a great way to build new connections and stay ahead of emerging opportunities.”

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Our Edinburgh hub is home to a wide range of enterprises and organisations in the low carbon space, including fellow new joiners the Scotland-China Innovation and Technology Association and Caledonian Economics.