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Cities cluster together the people, the ideas and the resources to make low carbon solutions a reality.

This project will harness clusters as engines of change to drive transformation in the places we live.

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Here in Edinburgh, ECCI is at the heart of a thriving low carbon and climate innovation cluster. Innovators, entrepreneurs, research institutions, large companies and government bodies share a city-region, sparking connections and collaboration. We’re one of six innovation ecosystems – all partners of EU innovation agency EIT Climate-KIC – joining forces for the project between now and 2020.

ConnectedClusters will share what works in delivering effective climate action across five regions:

  • Edinburgh: low carbon and data innovation
  • London: cleantech
  • Birmingham: energy
  • Valencia: energy industries
  • Frankfurt: circular economy

We’re focussed on identifying success factors and then replicating them where possible in other city-regions across Europe.

Edinburgh cluster

The Edinburgh City Deal will see £300 million of public funding invested in data-driven innovation over the coming decade. ECCI is focussed on aligning this data innovation with the delivery of smart, low carbon housing and transport.

The University of Edinburgh, of which ECCI is a part, is aiming to be zero carbon by 2040. Combined with Scotland’s new climate targets, this brings huge opportunities to put cutting-edge climate solutions into practice.

Paris targets

ECCI Communications and Project Manager, Helen Dunk, said: “Meeting the Paris targets gives us opportunities to deliver clean, smart and thriving places to live.

“Clusters exemplify the collaboration that’s needed to drive radical transformations in energy, transport and buildings.

“Edinburgh’s ecosystem brings together the funding, climate targets, expertise and entrepreneurial spark to help drive change on a massive scale.

“This project aims to take what works and replicate it on a large scale by working across local areas to unlock the barriers to systemic change.”

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Interested in cities as drivers of change? Take a look at our PCAN project to help meet UK climate targets by catalysing cross-sector action and increasing the flow of green finance in Edinburgh, Belfast, Leeds and other places across the country.