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Edinburgh Climate Commission

ECCI is helping City of Edinburgh Council establish its first Climate Commission.

The Commission is tasked with driving action on the climate crisis and Edinburgh’s commitment to be a Net Zero Carbon Emissions city by 2030.

Edinburgh Climate Commission logo

Edinburgh Climate Commission is made up of members from a range of organisations across Edinburgh, each bringing their own expertise and knowledge of the sector they represent, as well as their experience in the fields of sustainability and climate change.

The Commission has been established to connect networks of stakeholders from the business, public and civil society sectors and will work to create opportunities for local climate action which link to local and national government climate and energy policies.

Dr Sam Gardner, currently Head of Sustainability at Scottish Power, chairs the Commission and will help guide its aims and work alongside existing city structures and programmes.

The Edinburgh Climate Commission is one of three city based Climate Commissions across the UK in the Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN), including Leeds and Belfast. PCAN aims to help the UK meet its climate targets by catalysing cross-sector action and increasing the flow of green finance.

Funded by ESRC over five years, PCAN links research, business, government and communities to accelerate the transition to a fair, thriving low carbon economy. Project partners included the Centre for Sustainability and Environmental Governance at Queen’s University Belfast; the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation; the University of Leeds, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Chair of the Edinburgh Climate Commission Dr Sam Gardner said: “The Commission will focus its work on helping to unlock the delivery of the measures we know we must take, not only to tackle climate change but to help build a better future for all of Edinburgh."

"The scale of the transformation Edinburgh faces is significant but the rewards are even greater, to be successful we will all have a part to play and those with the greatest responsibility must show the greatest leadership. We have entered the climate decade of delivery and this will be the touchstone the Commission will hold itself to.”

Adam McVey, Vice Chair of the Climate Commission and Leader of the City of Edinburgh Council said: "Working together across all sectors to reduce the city's carbon emissions and unlock a truly sustainable future is a massive opportunity for this city. I am looking forward to playing an active role in the Commission as we push for the change needed right across the city in delivering our 2030 ambitions.”

ECCI Head of Innovation and Skills Jamie Brogan said: “We’re delighted to partner with the City of Edinburgh on accelerating our city’s journey to net zero and delivering this by 2030."

"This collaboration and our PCAN project drives city ambition by sharing expertise and knowledge across UK cities, and by engaging all city stakeholders in place-based climate action. Climate change is a collective challenge, and it needs everyone in our city to contribute.”